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    Motorbikes, Boyz n Leather

    Nice horny ass in those tight jeans… yes, yes, yes!

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    Shhhhh. You make too much noise.

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    Hell yeah!!!!

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    Buckle up.

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  7. theunderwearking:

    All tied up with #socks on.  

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    Pure sex on a horse!


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    Joseph W. Bean - LeatherSex (1996)

    Ten times more common sense than anything Larry Townsend ever wrote which means it never sold as well but that’s the way these things go.

    Actually, neither is any Lord High Pooh-Bah, and Bean is not only pretentious but uppity.


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    We didn’t need words.  We had penis gags and Bishop muzzles.

    And Damascus gloves.

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    Hot picture.


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    Looking good.


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    Wish someone would wear pup out this much

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